Opening up a new restaurant is a complex event

For a business owner, opening up a new restaurant is a complex event. There are many details involved, from hiring a staff, building out and renovating a space, setting up a menu, hiring chefs and also acquiring a TABC license. This license allows a business to serve alcohol, and in the state of Texas, getting this kind of permit can be a daunting process.

Different Rules in Texas

The alcohol permit process in Texas is highly complex, as some of the cities in Texas have different regulations regarding the sale of alcohol. Each of these details must be attended to in order to ensure that the process goes smoothly. The process of approval can be lengthy, too, often taking up to six months.

Still, having an alcohol permit is crucial for any business that wishes to serve. For restaurants and bars, the ability to serve alcohol can make a huge difference in the profit margin and popularity of a business, which is why it can be so important to have one. Given the rules against serving alcohol without a permit, however, it’s imperative that a business owner follow the letter of the law carefully, to avoid any issues down the line.

Yes, all of these issues can make  applying for a permit quite daunting, but there is a solution that can make the application process go smoothly. Due to the difficulty in applying for permits, there are consultation companies in Texas that specialize in obtaining alcohol permits. These companies know the ins and the outs of all the laws regarding alcohol licensing, and they can streamline the whole process and take care of every detail for their clients.

Experts in the process ask clients to come in early and plan ahead. It’s wise to go to a consultant 120 days in advance of the opening of a restaurant, in order to ensure that the permit is issued in time. Some consultants are able to obtain a permit in as little as 60 days, but it’s wise to allow for extra time just in case.

Business owners have a myriad of issues to deal with before opening a new business. By letting an application expert handle the details of the alcohol permit, more time can be spent where it should be—in getting that successful cafe opened on time, and in top shape.







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